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This whole FFA thing and this site was hype? this is the kind of thing that takes place in Hollywood all the time, its used to pump things up to make it bigger than life.
come on three years later and still no groundbreaking ceremony or contract in hand. a feeling has me believing a certain two or three people believed this would be a walk in the park as if this was a once ona life time oppurtunity to get in while you can for it movie making time baby.
sorry to bust your bubble, but, if you're living in fresno and wanting to get into the movie making industry this isn't the e living.
this studio isn't going to take place for a number of reasons. the attitude in fresno is bad with certain key people who play very bigs roles in what takes place have been burned and will not do something which is based on fantasy.
with every business there has to be a certain balance of chemicals and this chemical mix doesn't work for fresno.
first off the members of ffa lack the ability to be aggressive i have put enough stuff on this site to attract attention and no body has shown any aggressive behavior towards it.
in this industry when starting up a studio no stone can be left unturned. one can not simple turn the stone and walk away from it. you have to investigate, sample it, bend it, brush it, and when you are drained of energy from finding nothing good about tyou move on to the next stone until you find that jewel.
now down the road when you are successful only then will you be able to be selective and can risk not having to turn over every stone.
where is your passion for what you do? are you only doing this for fame and fortune? are you doing this only because you have something to prove to people who made fun of you? what motivates you to get fired up inside?
i have over 40 years of using my creative skills it is a part of my personality it is something i can't turn off and i ahve helped any businesses find success by doing something they coulnd't.(every bussiness or product on the face of this planet was created from somebody's imagination, which always leaves room for improvement. i showed a 38 year old franchise, WENDYS, a better and safer way to filter their oil) this is something which comes naturally for me.
throughout my childhood there was no cnnection with tv or movies, i spent all my time outside and yet, when i was 15 strange things started to go off in my head, i predicted the death of a student in high school who was shot in the chest by his best friend and died only two months later, or designing a car, or creating two part commercials, or writing my first movie script not knowing what should be in a movieyet it have drama, action romance and a plot. it was this point in my life my creative skills took and i have a strong passion of what i can do and i have learned how to build in my mind and watch it work and doing this i am able to get the bugs out.
several years ago i sat with a very bright computer engineer with drafting skills and he had to put stuff on paper where i could see it in my head and with in minutes did what he would do in days or sometimes weeks.
i do not have an answer to as why this takes place, was i born with it my mother said i was a very different baby from brotheres and sisters and babys she had watched or maybe it was the near drowning at age six which left without being able to function in skill or society.
why do images pop into my head from out of the blue and one was from the late 1800s and i had no clue what i was looking at in my head, until i searched it on the web.
not saying i am autistic savant, but, why do i get images and how did i make so many advances with such a mentally challenged brain.
this industry requires a strong imagination and agressive ness and to create things which have not being thought of and do you have it.
i believe if i connected with people on my level something will happen it most likely will not be in fresno.

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