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About Us

Why Filmmakers?

Fostering the film industry gives local creative professionals an opportunity to make a living while growing our own indie film discipline. The long-term economic development is for training our local workforce — specifically creative professionals.

As the overall local film industry is built out, the economic impact expands to the variety of local businesses that support productions (restaurants, catering, rental, lodging, etc.) as well as the increased tax revenue.

Additionally, the Fresno-image can improve with increased pride by seeing our streets and buildings on the big and small screens. Fresno is not just “good enough” for us; it will become a desired destination for production teams. Our streets, buildings and neighborhoods will become starts.

Why Fresno?

Located at the base of three National Parks in Central California, Fresno offers big city amenities with small town ease — all with access to some of the best outdoor recreation in the World. Almost equal distance from Los Angeles and San Francisco, Fresno is one of the last undiscovered gems left in California. Currently going through a renaissance, Fresno has seen the growth not only of population, but also of civic pride and entertainment opportunities.

We're California's fifth largest and fastest growing city, featuring 111 square miles of great locations, with crew and facilities to match. And, we're just three hours north of Los Angeles. If you need big city skyline, small city business districts, classic city architectural styles - freeways, highways, roadways, railways, airports, neighborhoods of every scale, or a 300,000 square foot city hall that looks like a spaceship, then Fresno is for you.

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