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We are currently raising funds to get production off the ground for our new film project, "Revenge". It will most likely be a three city shoot (Fresno, Los Angeles, & Bay Area) depending on the size of the budget. If anyone wishes to contribute to our fundraising campaign please do so here: 

We are also searching for a good Cinematographer, and for you actors/actresses we also have supporting roles and need background extras also. 


"Revenge" is about 3 guys who know each other from college. Not much is going on in their lives so they decide they want a life filled with action and adventure. They start a hit squad called "The Knightsman" where they're hired by politicians, drug dealers, and officials to get revenge on people they despise no matter what it takes. After one of the guys starts to feel guilty about the innocent people that get caught in the cross fire they all soon realize it's to late to turn back and when they try, they themselves become the target of "Revenge".

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Where in Fresno will you be shooting and what months?

Thank you



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