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Hello film-makers of Fresno,

I'm here because I'm investigating the death of John Lang. Just a quick run-down; John Lang was a man living in Fresno, California, who claimed the police were out to get him. In mid January, he made a post saying the police were going to kill him soon. On January 20th, his house was set on fire and he was found with multiple stab wounds.

I'm here because he posted a series of videos on his YouTube channel documenting what he believed to be the police harassing him. There is a specific video I would like for you to look at.

The video shows what Lang thought was the police recording his house with a thermal imaging camera. Now, a lot of people have speculated that this probably had nothing to do with the police. The camera doesn't look like a thermal imaging camera. Many have said it looks more like a DSLR on a gimbal stabilizer. Furthermore, some have theorized that the people in this van may have been independent film-makers in Fresno doing a Guerrilla shoot. Since you're all film-makers, I wanted you to take a look and tell me what you think. If this was just film-makers, it would be great to be able to identify them. This video was taken near 656 Van Ness Ave.

Thank you for your help.

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