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We are looking for motivated and dedicated crew for upcoming shoots for the documentary being filmed in Fresno "Almost There: The Story of a Band". 

Camera Operators 
Boom Operators 
Production Assistants

Please Contact: 

Matthew Miranda


Josh Ricci

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Production Sound Mixer available depending on your schedule. for more info.
Hey Zack,
Thank you for the interested in our production. I am very interested in getting more info from your production. When ever you can please call 559.681.7202 Matthew, and I can ask any questions you have especially gives me a chance to ask you some more questions.

thank you again,
Matthew Miranda
Hi matthew i would love to be part of you production i think i have some tools that would be of very great use to you and your team. look forward to hearing from you.

Wilkinson flambert
hey mr. flambert sorry to get back to you at a very late notice, very busy with filming and documenting. i would love to sit down and talk about our project and what we are thriving for. please email me at or by phone 559.681.202
thanks again for the consideration.

Matthew Miranda
Is there any pay?


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