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Hi Everyone!

We are gearing up to shoot a trailer for the Feature Film "Mulberry Woods".  We will be shooting in the Oakhurst area the weekends of May 5th-6th & May 12th-13th.  We have some crew coming from LA but we are looking for mostly local Cast & Crew.

Here is what we are looking for:


Assistant Director

-Coordinate with Director.

-Keep a schedule and call times for cast and crew.

-Keep daily shot-by-shot schedule and makes sure production is on track.

-Manage general props list to make sure they are on set when needed.

-Manage equipment list to make sure equipment is on set when needed.

-Maintain collaboration with Director before and during production.


Props Master

-Acquire props from props list.

-Build props.

-Manage props.

-Keep track of props on set.

-Keep track of wardrobe during production.


Prosthetics & FX Makeup Artist

-Create applicable prosthetics and make-up.

-Apply and remove prosthetics to actors on set.

-Apply and remove make up FX to actors on set.

-Touch up makeup on set.


VFX Supervisor

-On set supervision.

-Coordinate with Director and AD on VFX shots.

-Take stills of environment where VFX are needed.

-Collaborate with Director and give input for best VFX solutions during production.


DP (Director of Photography)

-Collaborate with Director on look and lighting.

-Manage lighting setups

-Set up lights and direct grips.



Manage equipment.

Set up lights.

Rigging reflectors/ bounce boards/ diffusers ect.


Camera Operator

-Coordinate with DP on look of shot.

-Manage Camera Assistant.

-Set up and prepare camera and camera equipment.

-Call speed and run camera.

-Maneuver camera.


Assistant Camera

-Coordinate with Assistant Director and slate shots.

-Assist Camera Operator.

-Set up and prepare camera and camera equipment.

-Pull focus or zoom when needed.



-Keep track of boom, cables, microphone and headphones.

-Hold and maneuver boom/mic.


CG Artists

(CG Artist will be post-production)

-Collaborate with other CG artists to work efficiently as a team.

-Matte paintings.

-3D Camera tracking and Rotoscoping.

-3D modeling/animation.



DANNY: 20-30 Male - Lead Role: Good guy:  Medium hair length and scruffy facial hair preferred.


JACK: 20-30 Male - Supporting Role: Slacker / Mechanic.


SID: 20-30 Male - Supporting Role: Slacker / Hesher:  Long hair preferred.


BLACKSMITH(past): 25-35 Male  - Lead Villan:  Sinister: Black, longer hair and medium beard preferred.


BLACKSMITH(present): 50-85 Male  - Lead Villan:  Sinister: Beard preferred.


MOUNTAIN MAN: 50-85 Male - Supporting Hero:  Scruffy, beard preferred.


THE MAYOR:  50-65 Male - Villan:  Bigger build and facial hair preferred.


SHERIFF MERV: 35-50 Male - Speaking Role:  Good guy look.


VILLAGE CUSTOMER #1: 40-60 Male - Speaking Role.


VILLAGE CUSTOMER #2: 35-50 Male - Speaking Role.


VILLAGE OFFICER #1: 30-40 Male - Speaking Role.


VILLAGE OFFICER #2: 30-40 Male - Speaking Role.


HOUSEWIFE: 25-40 Female - Extra


BEASTS: 20-40 Character Actors to wear full body suits.


EXTRAS: Ages 18+ to play funeral audience & full makeup Zombies.



Everyone! We are looking for people with a passion for film making or at least a high level of interest in film.  The goal for this trailer is to help launch the production on the feature film.  There is potential for all cast and crew members to be carried over to work on the feature.


We are setting out to create a high quality production on par with major Hollywood productions to catch the attention of high-end production companies.  We will most likely be shooting on the RED


I will be Directing the production and I have an extensive background in Computer Graphics and Visual Effects.  I worked in Hollywood for the last 5 years for several different studios.  I worked on such films as TRON: Legacy and won an Emmy for my work on the title sequence for HBO's Game of Thrones.  I just finished Directing the short film "3113" which is making its rounds at the festivals. If you would like to check out my work, follow the links below.


Kyle McIntyre studied Directing at the New York Film Academy in 2005 where he and Eric Demeusy met. Kyle has helped develop several films and projects for numerous studios and companies around Los Angeles. He has worked as a Creative Consultant and Executive in Hollywood, CA amongst several other roles in the industry. In addition to 3113, he recently produced the dark comedy In Flight Training, which will appear at major film festivals throughout 2012. 

Respond to what you would be interested in helping with by replying on here or to:

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Hey Deep,

Could I get your email address for contact purposes? Thanks!

I also emailed with another email. Either one works to reach me. Thank you.

Hi Eric,

I'd like to be involved as well.  You can check my page here.  I would be interested in either the mother role, or camera assistant.  However, I will also be attending the premiere on May 5. 

I'm new to working crew, but I'm a fast learner. I also taught TV broadcasting at the middle school level, so I'm not completely green!

Let me know how I can help.  Thanks!

Hey Nancy,

Could I get your email address for contact purposes? Thank you!

Hi there,

I sent my email to you with a friend request.



Hello, I would like to audition for one of the leading or supporting roles. Let me know if your interested, thanks!

Hey there, I am definitely interested. I see my friend DT already contacted you. He's an excellent choice. Same with Deep, I've seen his work. What's your email so we can talk more? Thanks!



Hey Jared,

Could I get your email address for contact purposes? Thanks!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the auditions!  It was a good time and everyone did a great job.  We are selecting our cast now and you should hear by tomorrow if you got the part.

Thanks again!

Eric Demeusy

Hi  still waiting I believe you mention a part for me.



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