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We are looking for good, creative and efficient editors to add to our crews! This is a paying gig!
Jeff Meacham
Cast & Crew Films

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I would like to help but what are some things neccesary for the job?
Do you know the Final Cut Pro Editing system?
Jeff Meacham
Cast & Crew Films
no, but I am a pretty quick learner. The only experience I have was making simple skate videos in high school, but I am eager to be put in a spot where I can learn and contribute.
We would be very interested in seing your demo reel!
Jeff Meacham
Cast & Crew Films
Well, I'm probably not as proficient as Eva Falk, but I've worked for two years with Final Cut Express in high school, and I've got it down pretty good, I think. I really love editing, too. I can do it for hours. Sometimes when I go to the mall I stop in the Apple Store and play with Final Cut there. There's something really great about editing, both the process and the payoff, like you get to take all this footage and cut and recut and work until suddenly, boom, it falls into place. I haven't made a short film since last March, however, and I might be a little rusty. A lot rusty, probably, heh.

-Alfred Erickson
My editing skills are at little out of practice and I haven't used Final Cut since I was back in Film School, but I assure you, given the time and the resources, I think I could be of some use.

I'm passionate about editing and I would love to throw my hat in the ring for this great opportunity.

Arthur Robinson
Paying gig? That gets my attention. I have professionally edited for almost three years now on Avid and Premiere Pro Systems. I have an editing system with 8 core split into 16 readable cores 2.4 GHz each and 24gigs of Ram. I can edit 4k uncompressed native RED footage. I am working on some Stricken VFX now but may be available to edit something as all the money I can get helps further my project. Sincerely, Matt Sconce

Hey Jeff, what projects are you currently needing editors for? Thanks


Jim C AND C BACK???????????

I would like to know if you are still looking for an editor. I am proficient in adobe after effects and premiere Pro. Thank you.

Kaleb Nekumanesh 

The position has been filled. tank you!

I will keep you on file for the future though...

Jeff Meacham


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