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I was wondering if some of you that have held successful auditions could give advice on drawing people in to your auditions. I understand some of the basics, paying jobs would get more people willing to auditions than non-paying jobs. That's understandable. We're trying to audition for several short films that won't take up peoples time. We're doing them as a way to promote our company and what we can do as far as creating films.

Any advice on drawing people in? One of the problems is that we had a lot of interested people e-mail us and we gave them more information, and some say they'll be at the audition but don't come.

Any advice you can think of when trying to audition? Type of place we should have it? How we should promote, advertise?

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Feel free to message us at We can't message you through here until you accept our friend request.

I could help you!

Contact me and I will add your audition notice to my monthly FFA Mixer post that happens on July 13th at Ginzaès Bistro & Lounge at 7 PM


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