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Looking for a makeup artist in the Fresno area to provide gruesome zombie makeup for one episode of a highly-promoted, on-demand web series, with the possibility of future work for a recurring zombie character. Makeup artist must provide their own supplies and transportation and be available on weekends. Compensation to be discussed with artist. Artist will also receive IMDB credits. Please respond with name, phone number, email address, and examples of your work to kaci AT centralvalleyhorrorclub DOT com. Please ONLY submit if you have photos, and fit the above criteria.

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Go to   then ask for Zombie Make Up Artists. We had several in that group Super Kaci!

Have you shot this yet, and have you filled the position yet?  My daughter is visiting in the area (she used to live here) and is an excellent MUA.   She may be available.

Thank you,

Nancy Jo Baker


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