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Once again I got a taste of The Central Valley way of Film Making. Auditioned for part offered my own uniform etc. Got The Part and got callsheet that told me Saturday at 10 am. I pressed The Uniform and brought out all The equipment for it to look amazing. Drove up to oakhurst (85 miles) on my own dime & time. I was told that there was a mistake and I was to be there on sunday instead. Would I be able to drive up (85 miles up & 85 miles back again) All this for NO PAY !!!!!! and to be in a Trailer.I should have known better. Call Sheet was WRONG !!!!! I've got 2 emails proving it.I was made to feel like it was my fault. I am done w/ this work for free shit. You get what you pay for. I know there's a bunch of people out there drooling for a part and not only will work for free,But don't mind being treated like a slave too. NOT ME !!!!  I Also auditioned recently for another feature in Fresno.(it's been put on hold..surprise) I was told I don't have anything for you before I even read for a part but I was called in to Audition.Nothing like Experts? wasting your time. I've got to say I am pretty burned out by fresno. Too many freebies, too many attitudes. I know I will get bashed for posting this but am I not telling The Truth. I will continue to Work in LA as I get Paid for everything and get treated like a Human Being. The Crews & Casting agents also know what they are doing. I am NOT the only one who feels this way.As long as there are Actors who will have their time wasted and treated like crap.There will be films made in The Central Valley.

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Seriously, some people need a high five. In the face. With a brick.

It's funny how everyone MUST work for free etc. You figure at least you'd be treated well. I have seen more than my share of fresno Film making and it's not too good. I know this will get me blacklisted but I promise not to lose sleep over it. I tell The Truth and it isn't what people want to hear. I've seen some pretty shady shit go down. I've said it before & will say it again.One of The Most professional Projects as Far as Director,Crew ,Cast etc was Jeff Murrays BIGFOOTS WILD WEEKEND. I watched First Time Director Jeff Murray & Family treat EVERYONE with kindness & Respect. There was fun to be had on The Set while getting The Job Done. Jeff did everything as Promised to me and i'll never forget that.

I totally respect D.T point of view. My company hasn't film anything in the Valley, but have heard the complaint about how unprofessional folks are. This is one of the big reason I hesitate to bring folks up here. I know it's their good intention to do film, but it' s not a hobby, but their life (profession). I don't know much about the community, but been hearing negative feed back rather then positive. I heard the mixer is great, but it only place to find folks to do their projects for free or talk about what they've done (reliving the past). This is one of the reason why I don't attend doesn't serve my purpose and need. I'll seek individual whom understand the business. Again, HIGH FIVE and MUCH PRAISE to DT for standing up to what he believes...


The mixers can be a useful tool in finding out what people have done and are doing.  I don't know about the "reliving the past" point.  Many filmmakers request a resume to find out what one has done.  So when you speak to someone in person they aren't necessarily reliving the past, but giving you an oral resume and pitch.

If what you are doing right now meets all of your needs, then the mixers aren't necessary for you.  But, if there comes a time when you need cast or crew, the mixers are a possible way of finding them.  I'm sure that our attendees would love to meet you, since it sounds like you have budgeted projects in which they wouldn't have to work for free.  Maybe that could help spread a more positive vibe for our local film community.

I'm sorry that you haven't heard more positive things because there are and have been some really great projects.

There are some GREAT Film makers in Fresno. Some really Great Actors too (Willy.O,Jared.R,Brett.P) but I feel willy O and Jared Rice are paying The Price for NOT attending The Mixers,Kissing Butt etc.They are so underused.Sometimes as extras only because they won't play The Game. I've had some good experiences (Jon Hollis, Jen Tadlock,Christine Mitchell,Jeff Murray) but have had far too many horrible ones. I get blasted for having The guts to post MY opinions and not hiding behind a fake name etc.Remember these are just MY observations. You will be seeing Willy & Jared in a kickass action feature soon.Finally we all will be able to see what these guys can do.



Thank you for your honesty and thoughts, on both sides of this matter. 

Take care.

Thanks D.T. for your honesty and compliments! This is why Kp and I have been trying to push our SCRIPT TO SCREEN workshop because the problem is there is not enough of a viable film industry here where you can work professionally.. I started out in the south Florida film industry where I was working on professional crews from Los Angeles on a daily basis.. that is where you learn the ropes and learn how to work your way up in this industry. Most filmmakers do not get those kind of opportunities here where there are good budgets to work on. Actors with your level of talent are way beyond working on things for free and to build up your resume. Those should be confined to actors who are just starting out and need to build up their resume. Another big problem we have is bringing bigger productions here to Fresno because there are no tax incentive programs to entice investors,, that is why most of the film work I have done has been out of state!! Sad but true!

Thanks for the good words man, and I understand where you're coming from. You're frustrations, and those of many others, are the reason why I refuse to just jump into production without being prepared. Like with Forgotten Loyalties, if we wanted to we could prob shoot the whole thing with like 10 grand and a lot of favors, but at the end of the day does it serve the story or the people involved? Yea it sucks that we have to wait in order to get what we need, but at the end of the day we want everyone who works with us to have a great time and come out of it with some great work.

And for those who have to rely on free help, that's okay, just treat everyone right and do the research to find out how a professional set is supposed to be run, and when you're not sure just ask. 

Glad to hear there are some good folks out there making film in a positive way. When you make film and there is distribution and making money; there should be compensations. ACTORS check your contract and READ it. If they say credit and just word of mouth, then it's your call and your fault if you're being takin advantage of. I respect those who are up front and have the guts to stand up. DT got guts to stand up to folks and not kiss ....

Couldn't have said it better myself.....

THANK YOU! I still haven't been paid once but on Jeff's Movie - And that was Compensation for my Travel. I am kinda burnt out too - the only movies and projects I'm doing are with the people I LOVE. But I'm getting pretty burnt out on not getting paid when I don't work so I am available for jobs - but then in turn am broke All - Of - The - Time.  


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