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Hi everyone here in Fresno Film Alliance. My name is Brandon and I'm originally from Cleveland Ohio but moved out here to Fresno a few years back. I love movies and have had a passion for creating and telling stories to entertain people at a young age since I consider myself creative. I'll be honest I really havnt made anything yet or starred in anything and have been a victim of procrastination for wanting to do things. But I've made my life choice for sure and that's to help with what I can to succeed in film. I'm currently in the beginning of writing a screenplay. My goal is to become a writer/director/some what of an actor. I realize this will be and take a lot of time and work and that's something I'm willing to do to get my needs met. Anyway I hope to meet all of you inspiring filmmakers here and hopefully we can collaborate together and make a great film. :)

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Welcome, Brandon!  I definitely recommend you check out our monthly mixers, you can get more info on Facebook.  Also check-out CMAC, our local community media center which has resources, workshops and network opportunities for aspiring film and video-makers.  

Welcome! Good to have you here. I would love to hear what you're working on. I am also trying to put together a short screenplay and would like to work with someone.


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