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Music composer desires an opportunity to "Create" Original background music for your Film.

I love music and desire to create something substantial with others such as film or similar medium. My goal is to find another person /group who is creating a project in film that would click with my own personal vibe.

Money is not what I'm about.  I'm about releasing my soul to create something meaningful. I don't want to be a "Rock Star". I am willing put the time in necessary to do this.

If you would like to discuss a project with me, e-mail me at or reply to this post.

I have been learning and exploring "Protools" for about six months now (previously i used "Garage Band") and feel it may be a lifetime learning curve.

I also wanted to say that I would like to have fun and enjoy the process and interaction with my fellow artists as we build our Masterpiece together.

I am located in Fresno CA/Central Valley.

Link to my You Tube Channel

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im always looking for musical talent. do you have any music that is more cinematic rather that so relaxed?


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