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Hello all.

My name is Zachary Phillips and I am a film maker with little experience (1-2 years). I am posting today because I want to put together a group of driven individuals who want to create short films.

If you're like me, you've gotten tired of the short films you have planned out falling through because of the limited resources you have. Family and friends can only help out so much.

This team would consist of directors, cinematographers, editors, sound, writers, actors etc. Experience does not matter to me. You could have never touched a camera in your life and that's okay, we'll learn together. This is the best way to learn and gain experience. I'm ready to take the next step in my film making career.

So please, check out my page and send me a message. You can email me here: or shoot me a text at: (559)960-5832 

My instagram: @zachphillips32

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Zachary, love your enthusiasm for filmmkaing! I too am looking for collaborating with some locals. I am shooting a short film mid-May -we could use some help, would you be interested in crewing? Most likely grip or boom op. If so ill shoot you an email with more details.

Yeah! I'd love to help out anyway I can! Send me an email!

Hey Zach, I am an Actor looking for a film group and I would love to join, besides acting I have a little experience with writing scripts, if we can find some more people I would be totally down to join!

Okay great! I'm talking to two other members via email but it is taking awhile to get things arrange because of the slow response times but I'll keep you updated!
Hi Zachary, good stuff there on those shorts. I'd like to help out on whatever on the film making. I have some warehouse locations, plenty of props, things that can be broken if needed, dentist chairs, old medical equipment, etc. Also, I pretty crafty and can build props. I have around 50 to 100 movie ideas and I'm just about have one that is storyboarded out. I'm almost always free to do film making. Thanks and let me know if we can crank out some epic films!
That's awesome! We'll be in touch! The couple of people I was talking to stopped emailing but I was think of just setting a date and all meet somewhere and get a film started.
Sounds great, let do it soon while I have access to some sets. Thanks.

Hello Zachary!

I am very interested in becoming a part of your production company. I am a writer, producer, and director and I am currently filming my own web series called The Closing Crew. I want more experience in writing material that is outside my comfort zone. My email address is Thank you for your time.


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