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I am looking for a woman age 30-50, caucasian to play the main role in a music video.


I am also looking for a young girl around the age of 12 or 13, caucasian to play a secondary role.


You do not need to be able to sing. Both parts are not considered speaking roles. You will of course be speaking during principle photography, but all sound is going to be edited out. You will be synced to words in the song.


Principle photography is planned to be short, and take place mostly at night. Two days are planned. The dates have yet to be determined.




This music video is being shot for a competition so it is going up on many different social media. Should our video take first place and win ($10,000 prize), some of the cash will be attributed to you for your work with us.


The casting dates are to be determined.


If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me, Alex Taylor, at: or my cell 559.360.5497.

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Hey Alex, 

Interested in this part. Please check out my page....didn't realize we weren't friends :P


Hi Heidi!


Thank you for your interest! I'll check it out and, of course, I will be in touch. :)




Hi there,

I'm in the age group for your video, and I have a beautiful niece who happens to be 13. I don't have my picture posted yet, but I should have one up before Friday.

Nancy Jo Baker

Hi Nancy!


I'd love to see a picture of the both of you. Also, if you have any previous work please inform me of it. Would you email be regarding both? My email is listed above.




Blonde moment...I see your E. mail......
Hello Alex, I am interested in helping out. Please check my page here on FFA. If I am not right for the woman role I would love to watch the " process of making " the video (behind the camera). Looking forward to hearing from you and the dates, Heather Gizowski

Hi Alex,


I am also interested in the female role. How exciting to be taking part in such a contest? I wish you and your crew all the best!!!




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