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Hello all, I am hoping to build a small network of actors and actresses willing to work with me on student short films as well as some film/commercials contest. Friend me, let's talk. 

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Ok I'm interested. Let me know what I have to do.
Thank you Mrs. Torres. You don't have to do nothing except be a willing participant when the time comes. I am in the process of deciding which contest to partake in and I will contact you when I have a script and are ready to start production.:)

Thank you for your responds. I'll be waiting when your ready.

Dolores Torres

I am interested as well. Sounds like much fun.
I would gladly be interested :)

I am interested in this.


I am interested!

Jeff Meacham

 Hello, I have a working script and am rying to put together cast and crew to film locally. You can reach me at and maybe we can collaborate.
Yes I'd be intereted. How do we contact you to help you out


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