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What do we hope to get from this site? What I think about needing $12 million to build the facility will require getting investors. Who would want to invest in something unless they had something in front of them to show the studio has something to make money.
What is it that we are waiting for to make this come to life? did you know during the age of invention when everybody walked around with creative mind s and open to looking at anything. There was no educated or experience guessing to make the right decision.
My gut feeling so far has me believing this studio is going to face some hard times in getting started and should certain people think like the people in LA it may never happen.
Somebody will need to do something or create something no other studio is doing. It will have to be different. see ya later

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I would love to help develop this idea!
Jeff Meacham
Cast & Crew films
First I would create a think tank to generate ideas or finish ideas and turn them into a material product. Just imagine if we could create several really good scripts(I know some people who would jump on this) then put the stories in a pamplet.
Now, several years ago I came up with an idea to take a bobtail box truck, a large truck and it would house a small generater and on one side of the truck that side would open up. A large rubber mat with built in electrical outlets embedded in the mat and many other systems would be able to work off of it eliminating cords and many other things. An electric generator motor would unroll the large mat. Being a large four wheel drive vehicle could go anywhere.
Now to find somebody with the needed skill to say yes or no to what stories I have and to the truck actually working.
The story about detective Quinn I put on the forum already, another story is computer animated which would have the Tuttle family at OCCs, they have to recover a stolen weatherator 2300 from the terrorist, or the one where a drilling rig drills into a burial ground released a wicked indian brave who takes out his anger on the three crews and has to fight his twin brother,(alot of special effects), or the one where one species of shark didn't walk into the ocean called the Landshark. these are just a few.
If, I could get into my zone there is no telling what I could do. I'm very open to failure from it I learn and get wiser. We need to explore all possiblities.
The purpose of this web site is to provide a space for local filmmakers to connect with one another. You can find out about other people's projects, locate cast or crew members, post videos, photos, event notices, etc.

FFA (the soon to be non-profit organization that maintains this web site) has several on-going projects, one of them being the studio project. The proposed studio would simply be a soundstage made available to local and outside production companies needing to utilize a large, professional space. Hope that clears up any confusion.

If you would like more information regarding the studio project or anything else related to FFA, I suggest you attend our next General Meeting, which will take place this Thursday, Dec 3 at 6:00pm at Fresno City Hall Room 4017.
I believe what rusty is getting at, which I tend to agree with him about at the moment is a basic supply and demand for such facility. Investors and ideas behind for now, is there a large enough demand both local and not in the Fresno area to build and maintain such a supply? Now bring in funding for such a thing and maintenance, most films I've witnessed produced around the area even around the LA area are very low to zero budget. The facility needs to be able to pay back to it's investors let alone pay for itself to remain functional.... again is there enough demand for it to exist? Personally, I don't see it, however don't get me wrong having the resources of such a facility when that demand comes will be very appreciated. I believe efforts would be better spent in developing more productions with what we do have, more shoots, more scripts, more reasons to keep the reel's spinning (or hard drives overheating).
My Felow Filmmakers...

Michael Barnard, from this site, is developing a plan for such a production studio here, and continues to enthusistically work on it... I suggest we all contact Michael and enthusiastically support his generous efforts -- United We Film!

Michael is still on board with this project and it has not entirely left the agenda of the FFA general meetings.

A working studio in the Central Valley would be a great boon - not only to local filmmakers but to outside productions that may need soundstage work, and the possibilities are endless.

Let's keep the discussions going.

This doesn't work like Field of Dreams, this is not the time to invest in uncertainties. There is not enough demand for such a facility in this area....... yet. In the mean time you can drive 2 to 3 hours south and find many stages if you must have one. I'm not saying I wouldn't support such a facility in Fresno, I'm saying it can't just be developed off a "want", and in an economy to where we can't even hold onto our local hockey team, or keeping our jail cells closed.


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