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I've been on this site on and off for about two years now. I've come back recently with my passion for film being reignited. As I go through posts, I see a few opportunities for film making coming up. I reply, show interest but never hear anything back. This is tough for me because I am the type of person who wants to jump head first and give what ever I'm doing 110%. I know there's a lot of talented people on this site and I'd love to get all of you guys together and just make films. It's not impossible? As of right now there are many people on this site but nothing is being done. I want to bring all of this talent together and we can work our butts of and create! I don't see why not.

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Hello Zachary!

I would suggest attending the Monthly Mixers! They are a great way to meet everybody and Network. They are alot of fun too!


What actually happens at these?
You get to meet different people in the film industry. They usually have them at places where you can order drinks and have appetizers while you mingle. I don't drink but I like to go and connect with other film makers.
When is the next mixer?

Second Thurs. of every Month! I am in Rio this Month and cannot make it, but you should go! There are great networking and fun too!

Hi-If you're looking for actresses I'm interested. Age range I can Play-18 to 40s

Thank you


I'm interested email me to keep in contact

hey, Zachary I share your view and passion. I would to collaborate with you. Message me. I live in fresno

The people that are busy shooting are not on here much and the people that are not are on here but often not able to start and follow through to the finish due to all the hurdles.  The best thing is to get a core group of friends and just go out and do it.  Good luck!

PS.  Make a Germ! and you'll find plenty of other filmmakers there that are actively producing good work.

I agree!


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