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The Closing Crew

Created by: Tiffany Kirksey


Eric and Sam own a cafe in the Tower District called the The Buzz Cafe. It has become a cool place for the young hipster crowd. Don, a producer at the local PBS wants to create a reality show about their cafe. Eric and Sam are for the idea of having their own show but not so much their employees.


This web series will show the craziness of not only working at a coffee shop in the heart of an art community but also how each employee reacts to the constant voyeuristic invasion of their space.

  • I also need tons of extras!

  • We will be filming at Mia Cuppa Cafe

  • Call time will always be on the weekend at 10:00pm


BRUCE- 20’s a confident versatile nerd. Looking for some one of color.

SUNNY- 20’s a "blonde" who loves any kind of attention.

JOSH-20’s the local “illegal” pharmaceutical representative.


TATTOO GUY- late 20’s


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